Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm sure almost every person who has thyroid cancer not only wants details about their thyroidectomy surgery but wonders "What will my scar look like?". It certainly is a valid question! After thyroid removal surgery, the scar is in a very visible area of the neck. It's completely understandable to wonder how the scar may affect their appearance. Trust Me I did! Thanks to the  handiwork of my skilled surgeon, My scar is very streamlined and hidden in the natural crease of my neck. The picture I posted is me lifting my neck to show you a good picture of it... but when not stretched out I think it is pretty hidden. It took a good 6-9 months of me putting on vitamin E oil on religiously. But It turned out pretty good for being dead center of my neck! 
Every bodies Scar heals a bit different and can be unpredictable.  In some cases, the scars heal as a thin line while in other cases, they may be extremely thickened. The skill of your surgeon plays an important factor as well. The best thyroid surgeons have expertise at carefully positioning the incision so the scar is hidden in a neck crease. In recent years, incisions have gotten smaller, thanks to video assisted surgery techniques. The visual appearance of thyroid scars have certainly improved to a large extent, but thyroidectomy with a neck incision still leaves a visible scar.
Anyone who hasn't had your thyroid removed yet I would definitely do a little research prior to choosing your surgeon.  A friend of mine had a scar on her neck and it was extremely noticeable and lumpy... So it would be a benefit to get all the info about the surgeon referrals, pics etc.. before you choose. 
Have you had a thyroidectomy? Submit a photo of your thyroidectomy scar to show others what it may look like after surgery. For those who have never seen a thyroidectomy scar or just had the procedure, it can be helpful for them to see how their incision may heal. Showcasing your scar can help put newly diagnosed thyroid cancer patients at ease and also give you the opportunity to proudly show off your thyroid "battle scar", as It is sometimes called ;) Send your pics to: so I can post them on my blog to help others!
Please also feel free to share your story! We all need to be heard encouraged and understood!
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P.S. Yes the scar above is my beauty!:

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