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roam-wellness-travel-packNot only have many of the healthy and happy readers succeeded with our Wellness Travel Pak™ but these people agree that it is a great product as well. 

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Looking For A Pill Organizer & Reminder System? All The Best Pill Organizers ~ From Simple To Unbelievable!

This travel pill organizer is perfect for the most highly-organized among us. The 2-ring binder style alone will make an organized person smile. It’s a self-contained pouch with refillable and customizable labels. 

  •  "I adore the Roam Wellness Travel Pak. It's so perfect for travel"-kris


r4.0 out of 5 stars GreatJuly 15, 2013
By Jeanne (bought it from Amazon ) -  Roam Wellness Travel Pak, Black with Black Buckle (Baby Product)
Great for packing the many supplements I take when traveling. The ziplock packets are the perfect size and can be pulled out of the pak to put in my purse as needed.

5.0 out of 5 stars Best ever!April 19, 2013
This review is from: Roam Wellness Travel Pak, Black with Black Buckle (Baby Product)
Best travel pill case ever! Binder style makes it easy to flip through packets to access pills. Folds easily and packs great in travel bag. Bought one for my 80 yr. mom and she loves it. Easy to use.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is an amazing product!!January 4, 2011
 This review is from: Roam Wellness Travel Pak, Black with Black Buckle (Baby Product)
"I wish this had been invented earlier!!! My kids are now 12 and 15 and this would have made traveling a breeze when they were younger. No more medicine boxes or medicine bottles in zip lock bags, this organizer does it all. It can expand as needed depending on how long your travel days are. It can even store items like a sewing kit,extra toilet items, laundry detergents, or tape. A great must have for any camping trip. It stays in my car when we are not traveling just in case we need it during the busy school year. Great Idea!"


"The Wellness Travel Pak makes it so much easier to travel with with vitamins and pills! I got through security at the airport very easily. In fact, one of the people there thought it was a great idea!     K. Sterling Tukwila,Wa"
   "It always took up so much room when packing my vitamin bottles in my bag for my trip. Its really cool how two weeks of vitamins can fit in a wallet size pak. Plus the zip bags are a great size to put a bunch of vitamins in cause I take alot!"            J. Jameson  Las Vegas, Nevada
I love the Vitamin Travel Wallet! The market really needed something to promote health not illness. Nowadays people are taking many vitamins to stay healthy. I used to carry zip lock baggies to put all my vitamins and pills in. It' great to have a wallet that can hold all of them but also be able to remove them too! 
C. Anderson Atlanta, Georgia
 I was a little concerned taking my Vitamin Travel Wallet through security at the airport. I had my vitamins and my prescritipn pills... I asked the pharmacist for extra labels to put on stick on the zip bags and it got right through security! Yay! Thanks for the inventive idea!
J. Jensen New York,

Product review from Life organizersWellness Travel Pak

From pills to protein powder, the Wellness Travel Pak makes it easy to Manage Your Health!
Health and wellness professional Marnie Perri transformed a pile of bulky pill bottles and pharmacy instructions into an easy-to-fill, re-fill, and carry Wellness Travel Pak, making compliance with her daily pill regimens simpler and more stylish. wellness_travel_pak.jpgSeattle, WA – To maximize the full intended benefit of any vitamin, supplement, or medication regimen, it is crucial to ensure correct dosage at the right time must. A recent study conducted by the Office of Dietary Supplements revealed that over 50% of Americans take some sort of multivitamin or nutritional supplement daily. Further studies show that 20% to 80% of patients make errors in taking medication, and that 20% to 60% stop taking their medication before being instructed to do so by a medical professional. 

What would help ensure the correct dosage at the right time? Research published in the October 1, 2007 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases indicates that pill organizers are easy, successful, and cost-effective tools to meaningfully improve dosage compliance by organizing how people take medication. But so many pill organizers are too small to hold the daily intake of vitamins or medication, making a consumer’s daily regimen both complicated and unreliable – until now!

The Wellness Travel Pak is a soft, stylish, leather-like replacement of the pill box, offering benefits that greatly exceed its predecessor. Its contemporary design, which is both fashionable and sporty, “promotes a positive image of wellness” while organizing up to two weeks of vitamins, supplements, and medications, regardless of tablet, powder, or pill size, according to Perri.

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