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Acne takes a toll...




Acne affects more than 50 million Americans, making it the most common skin condition in the United States. But while many patients get professional help to control their breakouts, the toll acne takes on their mental and emotional health is often overlooked.
Have you ever had a big pimple on your forehead or chin? Almost everyone has, especially during those acne-prone teenage years. In reality, no one else probably notices that pimple, but you.  I remember feeling ugly and unloved... I was always so worried that everyone was staring at my acne and I didn't want to leave the house.

Though acne itself isn't a serious health condition, living with long-term acne can be every bit as devastating as having a chronic disease like diabetes or epilepsy. The shame and embarrassment of regular breakouts can be overwhelming enough to cause depression. Some people with severe acne even try to commit suicide. And the emotional scars can linger long after the pimples have faded.

Physical and Emotional Scars

Dr. Steven R. Feldman, MD, PhD says...

"Acne is particularly troubling because of its visibility and its intimate relationship with our self-esteem. "The skin in general, and particularly the skin of the face, is the way we see ourselves. It's the way others see us, and most importantly, it's the way we think others see us," explains Feldman, who is a professor of dermatology in the Wake Forest University School of Medicine and author of the book Compartments.

Having severe acne can seem like a huge burden to carry, but it's not a lifelong sentence now that so many effective acne treatments are available. "Dermotologists can control just about anybody's acne, no matter how severe. But their are those people who have done all the remedies and still have acne. Many times hormone imbalance is strong enough that the treatments dont work at all or only temporarily. For women anti-androgen therapy is suggested.. click here for more information. 

Having acne since I was a teenager and sympathyzing with my childrens acne led me to consistently be proactive over the years in seeking out and trying everything natural and allopathic to help balance their bodies and get rid of acne. All of my 4  children got acne at an early stage.

This is what we tried... 
  • vitamin therapy,
  • CRA (contact reflex analysis
  • Neuro-link
  • herbal remedies
  • anti-biotics
  • topicals
  • diet changes 
  • light therapy etc…
**Our last resort was Accutane.  

Most people who use Accutane clear up with the first 6 month regimen.  All of my children used it and only one cleared up and stayed clear. Three of my children went on it a second time and 98% of the people who do it twice clears up. Three of my children's acne came back within a couple months.  So my daughter went on the same regimen as I was on (anti-androgen therapy) and her skin was totally controlled.  (Which was great but it isn't something she should be on long term...)*see article

Two of the boys tried once again anti-biotics, topicals and still were frustrated with the non-results.  It just broke my heart seeing my boys feeling so ugly and angry about how the acne made them look. So one evening I was on the hunt again to try and find something natural. 
I came across Estro-Block through someone else’s testimony on You Tube. I read up on all the information and listened to all the tutorials I could find on Estro-Block.  (See:

I thought, “I’ll try it and if it works for me then I’ll let the kids try it.” I decided to go off birth-control pills for 2 weeks prior to ordering  Estro-Block.  Acne started coming back! UGH! Im 43!. I couldn’t wait to give Estro-Block a try.  Only One day after I was taking it, my acne started to heal, oily and itchy rashy skin went away. I couldn’t believe it!  It has been 5 months and my symptoms are all controlled.  After a month I ordered more and had my daughter and my two boys try it also. Within 1 week their skin started clearing up! You can see a before and after picture of my youngest below... Amazing!
My daughter got off spironolactone (suppresses androgen) for the first time in four years!  I am very excited about the other benefits to Estro-Block as well, but I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Dr. Delgado for formulating the first natural product for the clearing of acne. Hormonal imbalance and acne is one of the number one issues that people are continually seeking answers for.  I can’t think of one product on the market that is safe and truly effective as Estro-Block. To see more info click Here.

Marnie Perri CPT, NHC

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