Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Becoming the CEO of your health!

 I'm Marnie Perri, Inventor of the Wellness Travel Pak™. I am free of cancer, Renaud's Syndrome (auto-immune disease), chemical imbalances, and allergies! I am passionate about disease prevention and believe that just because the doctor says, "It's not curable" doesn't mean it's true! It is important to seek diligently for answers and solutions to health hiccups. Finding your balance in the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical is the key to your health. 

CEO (synonyms):
ambassador, authority, boss, caption, chairperson, chief, commander, consul, custodian, dean, director, executive, governor, head honcho, head person, person upstairs, president, supervisor. 

I love the meaning of CEO… I encourage all of you to be the CEO of your health!

Typically the responsibilities of the CEO are director, decision maker, leader, manager and executor of change. The CEO has the best interest of the organization (your health), drives change, and is the manger of the day-to-day operations. I believe we all have the responsibility to be the CEO's of our own body, soul, and spirit. As we press towards balancing these areas we will then experience complete health. 

What I have learned has changed my life forever -- now it can change yours! This is my favorite place to encourage you to be the CEO's of YOUR health by sharing my experience, reflections about health, vitamins, herbs, whole foods, spirituality, compassion, alternative body work, physical and mental exercise. 

I'd love to meet you!
The best places to contact me with any questions or comments would be on this blog, Twitter, or Facebook. 

"Cancer ended up being a gift that provided me with valuable life lessons, insight and inspiration to improve my lifestyle practices, and to live and love on purpose." 

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