Thursday, July 18, 2013

HORMONE Balance? Is it possible?

One of my NEW favorite supplements... ESTRO-BLOCK ( BTW... I don't sell or represent the company in any way!) ;)

Fight against acne: Estro Block clears toxic estrogens, while restoring good estrogens. Most acne is caused by toxic estrogen buildup. These synthetic estrogens also cause cancer.

Detoxifies bad hormones: Pesticides, pollution, high fat foods, and plastics of all types convert into these toxic cancer causing estrogens. Defend yourself with Estro Block

Reduces Fat: One of the most common symptoms of toxic estrogens is stubborn fat that just won’t go away. These synthetic estrogens cause fat to build up in a synthetic way that does not respond to natural methods for weight loss. 

Estro Block: Contains no soy, no sterates, no phosphates, no synthetic derivatives, and no animal products and uses non-crystalline DIM in real clinical dosages.

My Story: After thyroid cancer I struggled with so many different chemical and hormonal imbalances...

My most frustrating imbalance: Over production of Androgen!
I have cysts on my ovaries which excrete androgen. When you have several cysts, the over production of androgen can cause havoc on your body.

Results can be hair growth, (under chin, or random spots on face neck etc...) oily skin, acne,  sores on scalp, heavy periods, itchiness and more...

I have tried several different cleanses, detox's,  neuro-link acupuncture, herbs, benotonite, aloe vera juice, vitamin therapy, ionic foot bath, hydrotherapy... I could go on and on!  You name I tried it!
So through trial and error over the years I found the perfect combo to control those frustrating symptoms...spironolactone and yasmin (BC pill)  to combat all side effects. Over the years I got off spironolactone and yasmin to try out some other supplements but always had to go back on them.

All of  my four children have been treated for severe acne with accutane twice!  Their acne came back! My daughter,  22 years old is on the same combo as I am for similar symptoms. So I'm sure you can imagine my frustration and endless desire to figure out this hormone imbalance.

      I am 43 years old and I felt a gut feeling for myself that I needed to get off birth control pills... I had been on them for 10 plus years. So two weeks after I got off them... all those crazy symptoms came back! (acne, oily skin, sores all over my head, itchy skin, blotchiness (is that a word? Ha Ha) on my face hair growth on my chin! Seriously? ugh! I thought oh no here we go again...
So one evening  I did some research on the internet and I came across estroblock while looking for any tips from people, on Youtube, on how to get rid of acne. Especially concerning people with PCOS. There was one lady who had a series of videos on this kind of acne and she really raved about this product. She said that within 2 weeks she saw a change, so I gave it try. I saw difference within 4 days ... The sores on my head started healing, itchiness started going away... I thought, " no way! Is this really working?" This supplement has given me awesome results.  I have now taken it for 3 months. I started off taking only 2 a day. Now I take four, which is the recommended dose for weight management as well. I have had a 28 day cycle also! Never in my life have I had that! Ususally it was 30-38 days and really heavy periods... I still cant believe after all these years I found something. I am so excited and I would recommend this to anyone .  By the way zero side effects! 
So I thought I am going to have my boys try it... There acne is clearing up! I know it It sounds to good to be true but I believe you never give up until you have answers.

See Info Video:

David Wolfe A highly sought after health and personal success speaker, David has given over 2000 live lecture events in the past 16 years. 

“Estro Block is the supplement of the year, perhaps the supplement of the decade.” – David Wolfe

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