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Estro Block is the supplement of the year, perhaps the supplement of the decade.”  -David Wolfe 

Balances Hormones, Clears Acne, Lose Fat, and Gain Muscle! Vegan, Gluten Free and All Natural from Crucifereous Vegetables...For Men, Women and Teens

My New Favorite Supplement!

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My New Favorite Supplement!

I totally recommend this Product! I came across Estro-Block through someone else’s testimony on You Tube. I read up on all the information and listened to all the tutorials I could find on Estro-Block. After having no success with allopathic medicine for acne...I thought, I'll have the kids try it... A few days after they were taking it, their acne started to calm down and heal, oily skin subsided! I couldn’t believe it! My daughter got off spironolactone (suppresses androgen) and birth control for the first time in eight years! There have been no side effects accept one of my boys had a small head ache on and off for about a week but nothing since. I am very excited about the other benefits to Estro-Block as well, but I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Dr. Delgado for formulating the first natural product for the clearing of acne that REALLY WORKS! Hormonal imbalance is one of the number one issues that people are continually seeking answers for. I can’t think of one product on the market that is safe and truly effective as Estro-Block. 

Marnie Perri CPT, NHC

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5.0 out of 5 stars This stuff is magicAugust 9, 2013
EB88 -This review is from: Estroblock PRO TRIPLE STRENGTH - 60 Capsules Natural Anti-Estrogen Aromatase Inhibitor Estrogen Blocker (Health and Beauty)
I took 2 in the morning and 2 at night, because I wasn't sure if I would buy more and wanted the best results to know for sure. WOW. In less than two weeks my hormonal jaw/chin acne came to a screeching halt. I ordered more but I didn't have any for a couple of weeks because obviously I ran out of it quickly. I started to break out again, but once it arrived, again after less than two weeks FLAT SKIN. My family noticed and said HEY! Your skin is looking good!!! YAAAY! Even when I put makeup on, I feel like wow I don't need to cover any spots, it's flat skin and of course the scarring.
You think this is expensive? I believe this is a SMALL price to pay for something that WORKS like MAGIC. I've even paid hundreds of dollars at my naturopath, skin care specialists and on their products/supplements. I have tried I3C and DIM in the past, and didn't see results like this. I'm so grateful I found this product, I ordered 3 more (1 for my mom, we're curious to see if it'll help with her menopause). I will continue to take 4 a day, because I've been trying to lose weight, after losing 50 pounds, I am on that last 10 pounds and it's not coming off. The creator claims this will help with that last 10 pounds and tire around the waist. If it works, again, small price to pay!!! I will let you know with an update after a few months ^_^

5.0 out of 5 stars Don't mess with any other DIM supplements - this is the best!!!
May 28, 2013
This review is from: Estroblock PRO TRIPLE STRENGTH - 60 Capsules Natural Anti-Estrogen Aromatase Inhibitor Estrogen Blocker (Health and Beauty)
I used Estroblock for my hormonal acne after coming off the birth control a few years ago - I had some really bad breakouts especially on my cheeks, jaw line and chin, and I'd tried everything, you name it - Proactiv, medicated level Sacylic acid, antibiotics, candida cleanses and cutting coffee, sugar, gluten and common allergens, heavy probiotics, anti-fungals, the oil cleansing method.. the list goes on. I used Estroblock with great success for 2 months and then switched to Source Naturals DIM because it was cheaper and easier to ship where I am currently living - BIGGEST MISTAKE! It actually made my acne so much worse and gave me huge cystic acne in places and sizes like I've never had before. After using it for two weeks I switched back to Estroblock, I've only been on it one month now but already I have hardly any active acne. I don't believe in miracle products really, especially for acne, but if there ever was one THIS IS IT. No side effects at all, in fact my PMS has decreased and I feel more emotionally stable. Highly recommend!!!



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Blueoceans said...

I could definably use this instead of having surgery,I have a
non cancerous mass on my uterus,I have totally eliminated dairy from my diet but this would help me greatly before menopause.Thanks!
Lynn M

marnierae said...

I really think you should give it try! You will notice a difference! Thanks for posting!